SCSI and RAID Devices


BAT file should then look like this: Boot again and press F5. But you should not expect any speed increase wonders. But if your system crashes, before smartdrive has flushed its buffer you will have data losses. Often these are not needed or the things are already installed, but those stupid setup programs did not scan your files correctly.

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But if you himem.sts some hard disks, cd-rom, and perhaps other removable media drives installed f can lead zms a problem. Logo Many people find it totally cool to have big background and startup pictures. EXE file in the root of your bootup drive usually C: If you have deleted many files or if you want to install a new big programm it can be usefull the run this program after deletion; before installationas it brings some order to your hard disk.

If you have completed your work reboot your machine after a pause of 15sec to give smartdrive time to flush its buffer. BAT file should then look like this: Defrag is a nice program too.

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But we will make it orderd and good now. I would suggest everybody to install 4DOS. However, if you have a large harddisk 4 Gb or moreharddisk partitioning can still give you a better overview of your folders nimem.sys files. But not as bad a performance hit as not even being able to boot to Windows!


Configuring your MS-DOS properly

All programs listed here are drivers and tsr programs currently loaded. So windows knows that it should assign 4MB file cache maximum and hold 1MB cache whatever happens. But there was still lots of software to run on MS-DOS and people wanted to use those old software packages.

DAT files looks like the following. I herewith omit the fact that Win1 and Win2 were no real successes.

We will now handle our config. Using different sticks of RAM, one at a time. BootGui now this is a real highlight. If you do not want 4dos, ignore this line xjs.

Coders know that text mode starts at B The mem programm hime.sys our needs. This option enables the startup picture, so I disabled it.

Configuring your MS-DOS properly

After reboot smartdrive is not longer active and you’re on the save side again. An unbroken Upper Memory xxms is among other depending on the computers BIOS, the installed videocard and other plug-in cards installed in the computer.

Furthermore there is now room in Upper Memory for the two drivers C: Welcome to the Eclipse C. Programm output however is of course not disabled. As the user could plug in additional cards which could need some memory too, DEFFF was reserved for card roms. Sorry, what is the FSB and how is it changed, please? Then exit your editor and make it protected again with: Now it is time to look at the third part in the boot process the autoexec.


But today hard disks are so fast, that the speed advantadge of smartdrive is hardly noticable for normal work. Any suggestions or assistance will be greatly appreciated.

If the Upper Memory in the address interval C to EFFF is unbroken, it should now, depending on the memory requirements for the CD-ROM and Mouse drivers, be possible to load all drivers and resident programs in Upper Memory, giving approximately Kb free memory can be checked with the command: I suggest that you order your file in the way that set, prompt, path etc.

Mostly you get many readme files you never want to read.