Can anyone point me at gumstix PWM sample code, preferably in C? Next Post Next Resolution 3: Hi Dave, I was just after a simple example that shows how to configure the hardware and set base frequency and duty cycle. So it could be that something the gumstix pwm driver does is stepping on the lines used for usb by the beagleboard? Communicating with the Pinto-TH breakout 4. I did find some great help though, rolled up my sleeves, and stitched pieces together to make the mother of all RC servo drivers. I used this bit of code in the past in an init script to set the contrast on an lcd I had connected to my connex.

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Every Gumstix Overo computer-on-module COM has the same three connectors and each connector has the same signal pattern. In reply to this post by David Rye. To toggle GPIO general purpose input-output pin 60type this into the terminal:. The Gumstix Overo Water computer-on-module COM puts laptop-like computing power on a ghmstix the size about the size of a stick of gum, making it perfect for computation heavy embedded applications.

These pages summarize the connections and interfaces to Overo COM and expansion gimstix. The details of the assignment of signals gumsyix pin numbers for each of the two gjmstix connectors are posted in the this page. To learn more about our use of cookies, click here. Here you will find the models, schematics, and production references you need to create Overo-based products.


Furthermore, if we want to get access to specific overflow interrupt via file operations, we can aslo add device and class initialization to the driver just like the GPIO event driver. Except when I used the GUI from the beagleboard. The formula to compute the tmar value is then: Search everywhere only in this topic. The specific usage for this driver with the application program is indicated as the followings.

PWM Sample Code?

Your email address will not be published. Do I need to compile it on a linux based machine?

A good and generic way to start a timer and do the timing with interrupt is to write a driver. You could login and create an empty placeholder page to get rid of that: Chris On Wed, May 21, at 3: So that’s why it is the way it is.

What kind of expansion board to you use to connect to the Overo? So it’s easy to use the command line to read the ADCs. We will discuss the compilation part later. Skip to content What I want to do: Then number of cylinders are calculated as: Tumstix emailed me an update to his pwm.


Gumstix Overo, RC Servos, and PWM Signal Generation – Gallinazo

Communicating with the Pinto-TH breakout 4. Each Gumstix Overo COM gumshix fit on every expansion board of the Overo series, except with one or two exceptions noted on the product pages at www.

Hence, set the PWM output mode field to 0 the duty cycle output mode. Generating Gumwtix signals 7. That COM would then be turned over and connected into an expansion board, such as the Summit board shown on the left.

UsingTheGumstixCOM | Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab

I ported it to my beagleboard and every things worked when i use serial connection from my Ubuntu labtop to the beagleboard. Is this a side effect of using this driver or i did something wrong?

To connect to a standard computer, we need a device to translate these 1. Digital channels 0 to 7 correspond to Robostix Port A from port A. For the time being I will use the Pinto-TH as gumsfix vehicle-mounted board and a Summit for prototyping and firmware flashing.