Check the setting for recording rate before performing aging. Press ” 32 ” by using the remote control unit for service GGF The error rate cannot be measured in VR mode or during CD playback. Yes No Execute writing test, if required. System 2 data of audio block 2 The above is default setting value. Be sure to check operations.

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Remove the two screws. Cancel timer settings before entering Aging mode. Mode1, Mode2 XA Form1. E No Replace IC NG improper drive Replace the correct Drive Assy. IC Yes Yes Is 1.

Cable power fail 1: Forced termination because of a possible error of the top data during reverse normal playback Rv: You have the latest firmware I could find. The keys without “R” refer to the remote control unit for service. By canceling the individual setting for that channel, the number of remaining channels that can have individual settings will be increased by one. System 2 data of audio block ex The above is default setting value. Process of pull-up or pull down is necessary.


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Set the recording 61t6 beforehand. If the numbers do not match, you must return to step 2. An audio signal with Yes Waiting for communication to be established. Write strobe bus: Starts retrial after detecting timeout from reverse pause to forward pause Rv: Be sure to start playback after displaying this subscreen to calculate the error rate. Quartz lock hour digital display Power off memory. View point of PCB diagrams.


Yes Release the reset of PT microcomputer. End Power on FL Tube: Press the ESC key on the remote control unit for servicing to quit Aging mode and return to Normal mode.

Audio ch2, bits In this case, damage to the HDD caused by sudden shutoff may be small, because the emergency relief mechanism is activated. Unfinalized VR mode and Video mode discs may not play.


You can also check the model No. OpnTOvr Reverse playback task: Power supply for internal each block.

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HDD information is not correct. Cannot use it in DV decode.

Error log for VR recording 1 C 1 Recording-related error log for the last 18 errors, divided into 2 screens generation time [year-month-day, hour: Setting data to be stored in nonvolatile memory in General Setting mode are shown in Table 4: