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Internet prices and product availability are subject to change without notice. Does this sound like a case for a custom inf file? A huge mistake on MS’s part, by not allowing desktop users the option of switching to a start menu. Edited by AudioDoc – 15 June at Anyone that is using Win 8 will have noticed that there is quite a difference between the the Start screen “apps” and desktop programs.

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Hello Ian Thanks for your answer even it’s not the full hope!

Konica Minolta MS MKII Driver | Konica Support

I have windows 7 64 bit. There are used MS units available and sometimes purchasing a used unit or even a parts machine to repair your broken MS can be much more economical than purchasing a brand new system.

It was instant, it was hassle free and it was seamless. This is why it is difficult to change from one type of KMBS printer to another today and there is no way to connect any other printer to the MS due to its proprietary video interface.

Then I went into device manager found the firewire controller and went to the driver update and then chose to “Browse my computer for driver software” then “let me pick a list of device drivers on my computer” When into the next screen choose the “Legacy” driver and update it to this and your done.


Your cart is empty. The projection lamp is still available, as is the plastic aindows rail that helps to move the mirrors back and forth with every scan. Does this sound like a case for a custom inf file?

This model has been obsolete since September of and there are no parts available. The email with some redaction follows: You can get a hotfix for this problem from Microsoft at Microsoft Hotfix ” I also notice that he commented on the cable that came with the Minolta II imnolta some problems with newer computers.

I think the only option is to roll back to Windows XP. I’m always suspicious with these converters since what happened in another situation: The card has its own BIOS config screen at system startup; the screen also shows as detecting ,s6000 Minolta when it is powered on. It actually is scanning, but crashes after each scan.

How to run old Minolta scanners on Vista & 7

Unavailable The scanner is definitely on! I’m going to change to Mac. Silverfast is actually running, but with a couple bugs with SF 6. A huge mistake on MS’s part, by not allowing desktop users the option of switching to a start menu.

Minolta MS Obsolete?

The trademarks, logos, and service marks not owned on behalf of MicrofilmWorld. Okay, so I tried to get the scanner working by modifying the inf file, provided on page 2 of this thread. Dyxum website Dyxum home. Sounds like a good idea! So to sum it up, the MS can be used with an XP PC and will probably provide many windowws of good service since there are very few parts inside the MS that need replacement.


I have the Dimage Scan utility and Vuescan working well with my II, but Silverfast still has the same problems I mentioned in my previous post. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and a Bachelors degree in Business Management with an emphasis on e-commerce.

Many organizations have regulations against using platforms that are obsolete, even in a standalone system not connected to the rest of the more modern network. Did you look in the oem.

Perhaps there is some slight difference, like a value at the end of the string which is missing. Evis Beaton is the sales and marketing manager for Microfilmworld.

windods Nothing ventured nothing gained. What is the best Microfilm or Microfiche Scanner? I realize that this isn’t going to be of much help to most of the members here but I have a Dimage Scan Multi Pro.

I get where MS is coming from trying to have a unified interface for all devices.