I was on the verge of smashing the printer on the floor. Then, when I turn on the printer, the print head cannot move. I then tried holding it in a vertical position while I pushed the carriage softly to the left to hold the post in the vertical position while the machine powered up again. All paper is accounted for and no torn pieces exist. Keep riding with the rubber on the road and the wind in your face. Run the printer’s self check. I wasn’t able to find the post he talked about but it was obvious the problem was with the ink cartridges being stuck.

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Grrrr My printer is going to grow wings and fly into a wall very soon! I did what the post suggested, first epsson worked, then suddenly the power of the machine does not want to turn on, it is not the power outlet everything else works fine.

I found the little post, and it was leaning slightly forward. There is a white post that is spring loaded- it stands vertically normally but can be pushed down easily make sure its UP!

Epson C363A all in one printer, autofeeding scanner and fax. Durabright ink capable.

Happened when I turned the printer on after not using it for three months. I also tried it and it works. My printer is not even a year old. Well, I did not have success with the second solution from “eeagle” either. Need to get ink back in the jets with maintenance.


Epson Workforce 600 Color Inkjet Printer C363a

This was after an hour of trying everything else, and figuring I’d be buying a new printer, given the cost of repair service. The post will not be vertical if the carriage is not completely home to the right. I Googled the question and you came to my rescue!

I thought I was going to have to call support and spend an hour on the phone. I did get one clog out but don’t want to continue with the second until I can put paper down.

Epson Workforce Color Inkjet Printer Ca | eBay

I have done what Gottaride and Eagle both suggested and it still won’t work. Thank you so much for posting!

So glad I found this and yes, a year after the post, the solution still works although I didn’t have to use force to move the elson plastic post.

Powering down, unplugging, deleting queu, epsno air, shaking the machine to possibly get loose items out, and holding the power key for 3 minutes: All paper is accounted for and no torn pieces exist. I can only say try pushing the ink carriage over to the right and power back up. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Snappy asked Dec 21, at Turning the printer off and on does e;son – same message. But now it is indicting that I need to replace the black ink cartridge which is not empty or low.


Thanks for your help.

I can’t find the post that you mean. I have tried to figure out the problem for days and finally C363aa the issue. I was going to buy a new printer tomorrow. In my case, I have a WorkForce having this problem too, and there is white post on a sliding plastic bar which is the reason of my sorrow. Try gently pushing the carriage to the right until it stops.

I had no clue how to fix this problem. Then power on and watch, I had a piece of paper shoot out to the right of the ink cartridge which I had no idea was there. This condition can be recreated by any interruption of printing or the power up routine where the carriage is not close to home.

My print head is locked in the park position so I’m not sure if that post is behind that. Worked like a c363z. However, I wouldn’t have been able to isolate the cause without your help.