By setting a filter, you can refuse e-mail messages which meet specific conditions or sort e-mail messages, automatically sending them to a specific category. Sending mail later from the Outbox All e-mail messages stored in the Outbox category are sent at once. I think it is great that Sony was able to add an MP3 player to this model without having to increase its size. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. There is one by InnoPocket, but despite their description it is too shallow for the T

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Sony CLIE PEG-TC Manuals

I have a Sony computer and download directly into that slot and they work great on the Clie. Still, it’s worked fine pge-t665c lots of other TVs and stuff I’ve tried. Account Register Log in user: Stopping The Alarm Memory Stick media is a new compact, portable and versatile Integrated Circuit recording medium with a data capacity that exceeds that of a floppy disk.

When you press the Jog Dial navigator, the image file is automatically magnified on the screen. Myself, I keep my T for use around the house, and grab one of my SJ33s for work in the field.

It is strictly playback.

Selecting A Region Default To delete the selected e-mail messages, tap OK. I lived with it for about 4 months before I found the battery life and poor graffiti recognition were truly not worth the HiRes screen and switched back to my old m Tap to select the tool icon and draw on the image or the white background.


The TC’s screen was pretty good but it pef-t665c a bit weak in displaying some colors, especially reds.

Our only serious gripe with the CLIE software is the absence of Mac support; you can, however, buy third-party Mac software at an extra cost. The backlight is frequently the biggest power drainer on a handheld so I did some tests with the backlight at various settings. Viewing dlie files stored in Memory Stick media Image files shot by a digital still camera or digital video camera recorder and recorded in leg-t665c Memory Stick media are stored in the DCF Design rule for Camera File system format.

Managing Your E-mails Using Personalized Categories Managing your e-mails Managing your e-mails using personalized categories You can manage your e-mail messages using personalized categories, such as Private, Business, or New Project.

Sony CLIE PEG-TC/U Handheld – video dailymotion

Page 39 Tap OK. One of cllie things I complained about with recent Sony models is that the power cord can only be plugged into the cradle, not the handheld. The Memory Stick media is specially designed for exchanging and sharing digital data among Memory Stick media compatible products.

It is blowing my mind. Note Even if the manufacturer of the device is listed on the supported manufacturer list on pagesome devices cannot be remote-controlled depending on its model or the year of c,ie production. Delete Deletes the currently selected image file. To protect the screen, Sony provides a removable, black-leather flip cover, but since it lacks the magnetic clasp found on other CLIEs, it tends to flop around.


To stop playback To play the sounds repeatedly and change it to To adjust the volume to increase or decrease the volume. Tap MenuTools, and PickUp. Which Manual To Read Comments Closed This article is no longer accepting new comments.

Sony CLIE PEG-T665C Manuals

Are you still limited to K encoding on the MP3s or does it support higher bit rates, and if so, how high? About this product Product Identifiers Brand.

The time and date for these other areas will be displayed on the lower half of the clock screen. The same as the “upgraded” M The display returns to the e-mail edit screen. Creating Memos memo Pad Conducting An Ir Hotsync Operation Notes On Playing Audio Files