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Paper Pick-up Assembly When the signal is shown with a signal name, it indicates the electric signal flow. ST AMP 5 point 6 When the cover is lifted up, the tab is disconnected from the catch. The legs of the copier should not rise up off the floor.

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Canon GP160 Toner Cartridges

YES Repair the claw. For example, when a document the length of 2. Only applicable for units equipped with a fax function. Image processor PCB replacement procedures The procedures which cankn be performed when replacing the image processor PCB are described below.

The DC controller PCB has a built-in high-voltage output assembly, and high-voltage is output for the charging, with the designated timing.

Do not store in a location exposed to corrosive gases insecticides, etc. Detects the timing to form a loop in the paper leading edge, at the registration roller.

Canon GP160 Manuals

Maintenance And Inspection Gaining a sound and thorough understanding of the copier through careful reading of this service manual and the subsequently issued Service Information Technical Information bulletins is the only way to develop the technical skill necessary to prolong product quality and functionality and the practical prinyer to be able to determine the cause of breakdowns.

G160 lithium battery BAT2 backs up the aband c types of data stored in the control memory, while the vanadium lithium secondary battery BAT2 backs up the data d stored in the image memory. Particularly, do not subject the photosensitive drum to pressure from the top of the photosensitive drum cover shutter.


Image Impact Fsc4 A3 xmm gm2 Pack NO Reconnect the connectors. When the amount of time which has lapsed between the delivery sensor PS detecting the end of one paper, and the next paper passing the through the paper leading canoj sensor PS is less than one second, the temperature control changes to the paper interval temperature control.

Paper leading edge detection The paper sent from the pick-up assembly is sent to the transfer area by the registration clutch CL rotation.

Canon GP Toner Cartridge Black AAA –

Always store in the storage bag. Normal Abnormal Main motor M Figure 9. Fixing heater safety mechanism This unit is equipped with a fixing heater safety circuit, located inside the DC controller PCB, which monitors the fixing temperature for abnormal rises in temperature.

NO Reset the cassette. The length of the margin changes according to the paper length. A-d Conversion Circuit Abc Circuit Work details 1 Press the Data Registration Key to display the user mode screen. Consequently, a thermoswitch has been installed in the motor driver IC IC3 for its protection.

Canon GP Toner Cartridges, Canon GP Laser Toner

Catch Push Lower side of the main unit Canom portion of the recording paper insertion inlet [8] Figure Caution: When it is not possible to avoid this, advise the user to hang curtains on the window or take other measures to reduce the light.


If it is pick-up roller. Is there toner on the static charge 3 YES Clean the static charge eliminator?

In the event of the paper size width in the cassette and the setting of the paper cann lever differing from each other, the paper size sensor PS detects this and a paper width detection signal PSS will be sent to the DC controller PCB which will stop the feeding operation.

Work details 7 Remove the protective plastic sheet from the paper size plate, affix the correct paper size label on the cassette. Is the cassette feeder pick-up roller rotating?

Mirror positioning adjustment a Adjusting prinetr of No. VR for image leading edge margin adjustment SW Do not throw the drum cartridge into fire – there is a danger of explosion.

Designates the output of each kind of report and list. Toner safety The toner ggp160 a non-toxic substance composed of plastic, iron and a small amount of pigment.