Thank you for any suggestions or pointers to where this has been proved one way or another. Did find out about AudioGraph over here though. Let me first of all state that I cannot hear any difference. As I said, whether there will be a practical difference in every – indeed any – system depends on many factors that are hard to rule in or out. It is working fine on windows 7. Meeho , Jun 22,

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Your name or email address: You should use this if your soundcard doesn’t have an ASIO device. First, Welcome to hydrogenadio.

I’m sure a few folks here are members but this is the site, I will browse for info to be sure but never will post there. All other creative functions like compression or EAX are disabled. There’s a good chance you can use it to run both your interfaces with the same audio driver, to use the outs of your internal and ins of your external in any of your software.

Directsound is susceptible to windows and programs “interference”. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

SqueezePlay for Windows with ASIO, DirectSound, WASAPI and WDMKS device support.

If the sample rate of the audio differs from the one set in the sound panel, it will be resampled. Imho DSound is just way more comfortable, no need to worry about application exclusivity and having bugs like “I closed the app yet somehow sound device is still occupied”.


Wasapi exclusive-mode bypass the windows mixer. Builds are available on sourceforge. AgenesisJun 23, The possibility to have an unaltered, bit-for-bit output with either of those three methods exists, and in such case, neither ABX, nor guesswork and supppositions play any role. Last Jump to page: NenuJun 23, Today I started the set, and some friends came to tell me that my output was too lower than the DJ before me.

Google threw this my way: You need to check the CD that came with the device or look at the manufacturer’s website for a specific driver for your device.

NenuJun 22, Currently, the whole sound subsystem of my Windows Seven is broken. Every so often I am reminded of just how much I love music and this is one of them.

DirectSound vs. WASAPI vs. ASIO

Jun 22, 3. I never noticed any real difference between output methods since the XP era.

No dither and no resampling if the hardware is able to play the sample rate of the audio. You should use this only if your audio device doesn’t support the other modes. Someone’s going to attack and disect every word I am about to post to tell me I’m wrong, directsoudn For directsouns further changes to the MAC address you need, stop Squeezeplay, delete the userpath settings folder and then direcgsound and reconfigure Squeezeplay.


Perhaps the media player in Linux had the better decoder, or the Oxygen drivers for the Xonar were better than the Windows ones provided by Asus themselves. The problem is, a good portion majority perhaps? The reason for my asking is, that I have bought a Raspberry board, and I will try to use it as a dedicated player using SqueezePlay.

Hydrogenaudio is a technical, factual, and informational forum. One thing that is nice about Directsound is that it makes it easier to setup Ducking for programs like Ventrilo, etc.

Windows: should you use DirectSound(default), WASAPI or ASIO

Email Required, but never shown. Sounds like making things needlessly complicated which no sane minded electronics engineer would do.

Warrior Bob 8, 1 13 Desktop – i5 K 4.